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Statement on NTSB decision to endorse mandatory helmet laws

On November 5, the National Transportation Safety Board staff presented the board with their report, "Bicyclist safety on US Roadways: Crash Risks and Countermeasures" and recommendations. While the report noted bike infrastructure and better vehicle design are critical elements to bicyclists' safety, the board members chose to place an emphasis on and change staff recommendations to reflect mandatory helmet usage.

Drivers have more than one way to show support for biking

Nothing feels like more a like a double-cross than when a driver passes you too close and their car ends up having a bike rack on it. There are other ways, too, for bicyclists to spot drivers whose other vehicle is a bike or who support safer roads for people who bike and walk.

How advocates brought the Idaho Stop to Oregon

Years after Idaho enacted the first law allowing bicyclists to legally roll through stop signs when it's safe to do so, several states like Oregon have passed similar legislation thanks to the dedication of advocates.

How is the League so effective? We work in coalitions.

Whether it’s on our bread and butter issues like funding for bike infrastructure, or on larger issues like automated vehicles, the League engages coalitions of likeminded organizations to get things done on behalf of people who bike. Here is how our coalitions on those two issues are making progress to protect and promote bicycling.

League leads coalition asking for AV Restart

The League is working with a coalition of groups to ensure the future of automated vehicles considers people outside of cars, and on Friday we submitted a letter joined by 47 groups sharing our proactive vision for how a federal automated vehicle framework can enhance safety, accessibility, and communities.

How advocates are making states better for biking in 2019

So much of our daily experience as bicyclists rests on the laws our states have in place to protect us. The League works with state advocacy organizations to protect us on the road. Here are the biggest gains for bicyclists in 2019.

The Senate’s Transportation bill: great for bikes

The Senate Environment & Public Works Committee released the text of the roads portion of the transportation reauthorization bill this morning and it is great for biking and walking.