Adventure Cycling

Surly Serendipity

A used bike purchase for an aspiring bikepacker arrived with more than drivetrain parts and a bonus framebag — it was already packed with stories.

Geared Up: Late Winter

From a high-tech helmet and cold-weather footwear to tires you can ride all year long, we’ve got you covered for late-winter cycling. 

Ready to (Re)Cycle

We asked Bike Bits readers for their used bike insight, and they answered in a big way

New To You, Part 2

Part 2 of our Cyclists Travel Guide cover story on used bikes, complete with tips for packing and shipping, how to price, how to pay, and more.

White Cliffs of Arkansas

How exploring the next state over opens up a whole new world of cycling and scenery. 

New To You, Part 1

It's a great time to buy a used bike, especially since it's so hard to buy a new one. Part 1 of our 2021 Cyclists Travel Guide.

Road Test: Charge XC

A light-touring–ready eBike that's plenty light on the wallet.

Age of Aquarius

Experiencing the more luxurious side of bikepacking on a hut trip in southern Utah

Training One's Will

When COVID lockdowns lifted in China, a student abroad pursues a different sort of education. 

A Zwift Kick

COVID-19 has sent indoor trainer sales through the roof. Is it still adventure cycling if you’re pedaling to nowhere?

Down But Not Out

The global COVID-19 pandemic dealt tour operators and multiday events a once-in-a-lifetime headwind — and the only way forward is to keep pedaling

Road Test: Kona Libre DL

Carbon, big tires, and a component mix that mixes adventure and speed, this plastic Kona is a "modern interpretation of a randonneur bike."

Bike Ride Around Kentucky

Unemployed because of COVID and back in Kentucky with her family, Syd hatches an idea for a ride no one else has ever done. 

The Distance Between Us

You push pedals downward, move your body forward, pass through landscapes and, perhaps most importantly, other people’s lives. 

A Stroke of Luck

Along the Northern Tier, a veteran touring cyclist nearly rides his final mile.