July 2015

Upcoming TMACOG Bike / Ped Meeting

TMACOGPlease consider attending the upcoming TMACOG Pedestrian and Bikeways Full committee meeting.

It is scheduled on Tuesday, July 21,  at 8:00 a.m. in the boardroom of TMACOG <MAP>.

The agenda is here. Among the items we will consider:

  • a resolution in support of statewide requirement for 3-foot passing distance
  • extension of the University Parks Trail
  • a proposal to number and sign several routes in the region according to AASHTO’s U.S. numbered route system

This is a planning meeting but anyone can attend.  For more information, contact Christine Connell at 419.241.9155 x119

Chessie Circle Trail - Toledo Ribbon Cutting

A Ribbon Cutting ceremony was held on July 2nd for the Chessie Circle Trail at Bowman Park. Chessie Circle Trail is apart of the 2015 City of Toledo Bike Path Plan and Phase 1 of the plan was officially opened.  The current path has crushed stone and is more suited for fat-tire or mountain bikes than road bikes.  When funding is available, the City plans to pave this section along with other improvements.
You can see maps of this section along with a full map of the Chessie Circle Trail.  More information can be found at http://tmacog.org/bike