TARTA Bike-n-Ride

Just ride to the bus stop and hop on board!

Whether you're an avid cyclist, riding for exercise, or just for fun...discover how Bike-n-Ride fits into your commuting plans.  Take your bike with you on our bus and travel to work, school, or for other activities.

Bikes on Buses

Discover how easy it is to take your bike along for the ride.  TARTA buses feature self-service bike racks on the front of each vehicle.  Remove any items that could get lost in transit like your water bottle, air pump, etc.  Always approach the bus from the curb side, making eye contact with the bus driver before moving in front of the bus.

  • To release the bike rack, squeeze the center handle and lower it down.
  • Place the front wheel on the side labeled front wheel.
  • Pull the support arm over the front wheel.
  • When exiting the bus, remind the driver that you are removing your bike.
  • Return the rack to its upright position


How to ride with a folding/collapsible bike

These bicycles fold to dimensions about the size of a suitcase, and usually weigh less that 30 lbs.  Passengers may bring their folding bikes on-board the buses subject to the following conditions:

  • The bike must not be motorized (no gasoline engine, alternative fuel or battery).
  • Riders must fold their bikes prior to boarding and they must remain folded while on board.
  • The bike should be stored between the seats or behind a barrier and under the control of the passenger to ensure the safety of all passengers.