3-ft Magnets

Many of you have requested and we now have 3-ft "It's the Law" magnets!!! These are made for outdoor use and work well on your car when you'd rather not use a sticker! We are grateful to our LBS (Local Bike Shops) for offering the magnets for sell at their stores with ALL proceeds going to local advocacy efforts by We Are Traffic. Thank you so much and we appreciate the support!!!

Cycle Werks (Bowling Green, Sylvania, Whitehouse)
Mountain Man Sports
Reggie's Bike Shop
Spoke Life (ElmoreFremontPerrysburgSylvania)
Wersell's Bike Shop

If you're not able to make it to the bike store (we have shipped to CA), make a $4 minimum donation and we'll send you one in the mail along with some indoor stickers (not for use on cars). We have a limited supply and funds received will go into buying more magnets and stickers for your car.

I WANT A MAGNET - Make a Donation