Education through Creating Healthy Communities Program

We Are Traffic recently completed a project with the Lucas County Health Department through its' Creating Healthy Communities Program.

We held a Lunch N' Learn at Promedica Ebeid Institute on October 19th with an Educational Bike Ride the following day, with a goal of teaching participants "How to Ride Safely With Traffic". The classroom portion focused on law pertaining to bicyclists and motorist while the bike ride provided exposure to "real-world" examples of both good and bad infrastructure. We also introduced the GOHIO program that provides incentives for bicyclists and other who give up "single-occupancy vehicles".

The project also provided funding for new bike racks and a self-repair or "Fix-It" stand to be installed next to Promedica Market on the Green and Ebeid Institute.

There is a bike share station nearby that provides parking for bike share bikes. We hope to add bike racks near other stations to allow for routine bike parking for those who have their own ride! If you'd like to help as a volunteer or financially, please contact us!

New Bancroft Bike Lanes

Cyclists now have a new section of bike lanes on Bancroft Road near UT, between Secor and Parkside Blvd <Map>. Many thanks to the City of Toledo for including this section of Bancroft on the Toledo Bike Plan, and for including recommendation on the buffer design from We Are Traffic. We contacted the City of Toledo engineering department back in August of 2016 after a project review with the TMACOG Pedestiran & Bikeways Committee. The original design, a "Door Zone Bike Lane" or DZBL, would have placed cyclists in the path of opening car doors with the high potential of injury or death. We Are Traffic shared best practices used by other municipalities, including one that places a buffer between the bike lane and on-street parking. City engineers David Dysard and Gary Stookey were both receptive to incorporate the buffer between the on-street parking and bike lane.

Thank you City of Toledo!  Now let's complete the open segments on Bancroft to complete the corridor to Downtown Toledo!


Lucas County and Metroparks Seek Funding for Trail Extension to Centennial

We are highlighting this article based on a recent Blade story about Lucas County and Metroparks seeking funding to extend the trail from Silica to Centennial. You can find a map of this area below! We Are Traffic supports this project.

UPDATE: November 14, 2017 -- The cycling community was well represented at the meeting today where the Lucas County Commissioners voted unanimously to approve the Drainage Improvement Project. While this project will prepare the path for the UPT Phase 2 expansion, further efforts will be needed to secure the funding for actual trail construction. Look for further updates as they develop! Thanks to everyone that attended the meeting today!

Why is this hearing important for cyclists (walkers and joggers)? While the project is focused on drainage improvements along Ten Mile Creek, Lucas County Engineering has partnered with Metroparks of Toledo to include right-of-way along the southern edge of the creek to extend the University Parks Trail (known as phase 2). Funding was just awarded to construct Phase 1 from King Road to Silica, Lucas County cleared that section earlier this year (see here). The U/P Trail extensions will ultimately take the trail to Sylvan Prairie Trail and beyond.

A public hearing will be held in the first floor Assembly Room of the Board of Lucas County Commissioners, One Government Center, Toledo, Ohio at 2:00PM on November 14, 2017 for the purpose of hearing comments related to this project.

Public Meeting Announcement - Ten-Mile Creek

It is very important that trail users be present at this meeting to voice support for the U/P Trail extension. We hope you can join us at the meeting. If you have any questions or comments about the meeting, please contact



Chessie Circle Trail - Pavement on the Way

Photo Credit: Nicholas Baumgartner

UPDATE-November 10, 2021: We have heard that the trail paving is completed from UT to Bowman Park. We have not confirmed if all of the curb-cuts were made before the weather turned cold, we'll update once we have a full ride on this beautiful new trail!

It's been a long time coming but the contractors are busy preparing the north section of the Chessie Circle Trail from UT to Bowman Park. This project is planned to complete by early Fall but as usual, very dependent on the weather. In any case, a very welcome addition to the Toledo trail system. To learn and follow future developments, check out TMACOG's Chessie Circle Trail webpage.

On the partial trail map below, you can see the section under construction in BLUE. The connection at UT was originally planned on the edge of Ottawa Park, the change in grade (and available funds) pushed the connection in alignment with University Hills Blvd (new sidepath to Douglas).


Kilburn Bike Lanes Phase 2 of 3

Photo: Nate Smith

UPDATE - August 21, 2021: Kilburn is now open both north and southbound lanes. Construction crews are connecting the driveways along the route so it will still take a little more time to get the bike lane signs and pavement markings but it is safe to use.

Preliminary work has begun on Phase 2 of the Kilburn Road Bike Lane project. This phase will provide bike lanes on Kilburn between Brint and Sylvania, extending the lanes completed last year in Phase 1 from Central Avenue at Secor Metropark. This project will complete within the 2021 construction season. Thanks to Lucas County Engineer's Office, Richfield Township and the residents along Kilburn Road!

When completed, this will provide a great connection between Sylvania-Metamora Road to Secor Metroparks and the new trail to Wiregrass Metropark and beyond! Updated Aug. 12, 2021: Phase 3, between Sylvania Ave and Sylvania-Metamora is funded and planned for construction late summer 2022.

Michigan - Take Action - Distracted Driving Legislation

Distracted DrivingOn April 13, the Michigan House Judiciary Committee will take up bills to address distracted driving – House Bills 4277, 4278 and 4279, sponsored by Representatives Mari Manoogian, Mike Mueller, and Joe Bellino.
The League of Michigan Bicyclist strongly supports these bills! If you live in Michigan, please join us and contact your state senators and representatives today. For up-to-date information on LMB's efforts to improve the law, visit there WEBSITE.



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