Sylvania River Trail Closures


Portions of the Sylvania River Trail will be closed for construction. The Phase I section that runs from Main Street to Harroun will be closed indefinitely for the SOMO construction. You can access the trail behind Root or the Lathrop House to transit to Harroun Rd. The Phase II section has now re-opened. Read more about Sylvania River Trail Closures

Call to Action - Oppose HB 288

Ohio has many trails that serve communities and create safe places for people to bike, hike, ride horses, and otherwise enjoy the outdoors.
H.B. 288 threatens the ability of future generations to improve and expand trail systems by hindering the government's ability to assemble the property needed to create safe and continuous trails. 
H.B. 288 singles out trail authority and would continue to allow the government to seize property for industrial uses, highways, and other uses - but wouldn't allow so much as an easement for a natural trail to be aquired in the same way.
Tell your representative that you support preserving the authority that has allowed Ohio to create many safe recreational trails that benefit communities and people of all ages. We Are Traffic and the Ohio Bicycle Federation worked with the League of American Bicyclists to provide a quick and easy way to write to your representative.
For more local context, please read our opposition testimony provided to the House Civil Law Committee.
Read more about Call to Action - Oppose HB 288

U/P Trail Detour - Gas Line Repairs -COMPLETELY

UPDATE: Project is complete and trail is open 24/7.

During the inspection of the gas line that runs near the University Parks Trail (between McCord and King), they found more work than expected. As a result, we can expect the U/P trail to be closed from 7AM to 5PM, Monday-Friday as they make repairs. The duration is unknown (as of 8/8/19). If you encounter the closure, check out our map for alternate routes mostly on quiet neighborhood streets. Read more about U/P Trail Detour - Gas Line Repairs -COMPLETELY

Dorr Street Bridge Closure over I-75

For commuters using Dorr Street, you'll have to take another route over I-75 for most of 2019. According to ODOT, the bridge just west of Washington Street is scheduled to be under reconstruction for ~300 days so we can expect completion around November 2019. The Nebraska Street bridge is an alternative for more southern transits. Otherwise take Collingwood Blvd over I-75 to make your way to/from Downtown Toledo! Read more about Dorr Street Bridge Closure over I-75

Toledo's First Couple of Bicycling...

Click photo for more pictures...


Cyclists of all ages and abilities joined together recently at the Wildwood Toledo Metroparks to dedicate a new Fix-it Station along with much needed bike parking in front of the Visitor's Center. The project has been a culmination of efforts by local bike clubs and individuals to recognize Ray and Pat Squire. Ray passed away on December 31, 2015 and soon after his friends and family started the conversation about how to best remember Ray for all of his contributions to the Toledo cycling community. We found that every thought of Ray placed Pat right by his side, they accomplished so much together. Let us celebrate the contributions of Ray and Pat Squire together, Toledo's First Couple of Bicycling!

This installation would not be possible but for the contributions of the Maumee Valley Adventurers, Ohio Bicycle Federation, Toledo Area Bicyclists, We Are Traffic and Toledo Area Metroparks. For more pictures from the dedication, click this link. Read more about Toledo's First Couple of Bicycling...

Michigan’s Safe Passing Law Goes into Effect 9/27/18

Starting today, Thursday September 27, drivers must give a minimum of 3-feet of room while passing bicyclists on Michigan roadways. This new Public Act was passed with overwhelming bipartisan support and was signed into law by Governor Snyder on June, 29 2018.   

PA 279 of 2018 requires a motorist attempting to overtake a bicyclist traveling in the same direction to give at least three feet to the left of the bicyclist as they pass until they have safely passed the bicyclist. The motorist may drive to the left of the center of the highway to pass a bicyclist if it is safe to do so, regardless of if the vehicle is in a no-passing zone.

Working with our membership and in partnership with key organizational partners, LMB led the charge to enact this common-sense legislation aimed at improving bicycle safety for all. We would like to once again thank all of our members, donors, and partners for helping us make this happen.

Learn more about the new law and the excellent work of LMB:  <CLICK HERE> Read more about Michigan’s Safe Passing Law Goes into Effect 9/27/18


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