HB 154 - House Concurs with Senate

Update:  Governor Kasich signed HB 154 and it will become law on March 21, 2017!  Now the work begins to educate cyclists, motorists, law enforcement and elected officials about the new law!  More to come soon!

The Ohio House has concurred with an amendment to HB 154 that was passed in the Senate earlier today, making the bill into an act that moves to Governor Kasich to sign into law.  This law will set the safe passing distance of 3-ft or more when motorists pass cyclists on the left.  It also provides for a vehicle (bicycle, motorcycle, car...) to pass through malfunctioning traffic signals that fail to detect the vehicle.  Special thanks to HB 154 sponsors Representative Henne and Representative Sheehy for pushing and pushing to make this happen, along with the Ohio Bicycle Federation for launching the effort many years ago.  Thanks to Chuck Smith and the tireless board of OBF, and all the cyclists in Ohio that contacted their legislator asking for support.  We will pop the cork after the Governor signs the act, it becomes a law 90 days after it is signed.

You can find the entire session video here, skip to 28:38 to see the house concur.