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Help us defeat the SELF DRIVE Act

In 2017, the SELF DRIVE Act sailed through the House, from the committee to a floor vote by voice, within one day--leaving advocates like the League with no opportunity to have our voices heard. We’re not alone: many groups interested in road safety want real regulation of automated vehicles, so that the technology that is developed responds to people who bike, walk, or use a wheelchair. The SELF DRIVE Act must be defeated unless it contains real safety regulation.

I Bike, I Vote 2020

As the election approaches, the League will be sharing a series of blog posts with important information about voting. Today, we’ll start today by making sure you are registered to vote, and know how to request a mail-in ballot (if you choose to vote by mail).

60% of Americans support increasing federal funding for biking and walking

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 9.42.27 AM.png

Sixty percent of Americans surveyed think the federal government should invest more of its transportation dollars into programs that benefit people who bike and walk. In a new League of American Bicyclist/Ipsos poll, Americans across the political, social, and racial spectrum report wanting better places to bike and walk, with 78% of people surveyed agreeing that their community would be a better place to live if bicycling were safer and more comfortable. 

New data portal, new bike commuting data

There is new yearly data on bike commuting and a new League data portal including multiple federal, state, and local agency sources to enable comparisons on a variety of data for biking and walking.

Bike There on September 22

There is power in bicycling, from inspiring change to instilling independence. A simple bike ride always improves our day. As bicycling advocates and educators, we know bike rides are a great way to improve lives and communities. And we know that strung together, all of our bike riding is leading towards vibrant, healthy communities and making a more sustainable future possible. 

The possibility of a Senate bill in 2020

The law currently setting funding and policy over our nation’s transportation system expires at the end of September, and conventional wisdom suggests that Congress will need to temporarily extend that law and start over on passing a new transportation bill in January when the new Congress comes into session. However, there is still a possibility, ever so slight, that we’ll get a transportation bill this year. The question is whether the Senate will finish their bill. 

Statement on Killing of Dijon Kizzee

Dijon Kizzee was a bicyclist. He was a person on a bike. He was a Black man in America on a bike.
Racism is much larger than bicycling, but to make safe streets for everyone requires confronting racism.

Notes from climbing Capitol Hill: August 10, 2020

Every day, the League is working to promote and protect bicyclists' rights at the federal level. Here are Caron's notes from the past few weeks on her work to promote bicyclists' rights on Capitol Hill.

Meet the 2020 candidates for our Board

There are two very important elections we hope you'll vote in this fall: one takes place on November 3 and another takes place right here. First, though, we want you to meet the candidates running to serve on the League's board. 

New scholarship program expands access to LCI Seminars

To reduce the barriers to bike education in underserved communities, the League is launching an Equity Scholarship Program which will offer approximately 40 full scholarships to people of color interested in teaching bike education courses in underserved communities.

Transportation bill passes in the House!

This afternoon the House of Representatives passed the INVEST in America Act, a five year transportation bill, and it includes important improvements in safety and equity thanks to the bike advocacy community.

Take action on equity in the next transportation bill

We have accomplished so much for people who bike in this bill. Let’s ride that extra mile and ensure the INVEST in America Act is the best reflection of building a Bicycle Friendly America truly for everyone.

Welcome back, Bicycle Commuter Benefit!

By encouraging more people to choose biking to work, the Bicycle Commuter Act will be part of the solution to reducing emissions from the transportation sector, the largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions.

Help lead the movement to build a more Bicycle Friendly America

The support of League members sustains the work we do everyday to protect the rights of people who bike and make bicycling better for all. We thank League members for their commitment to our mission, and we are asking: would you consider doing more - to lead the League, to guide us, and to inspire us?

Deadline to apply is July 10, 2020

Consider applying to join our Board of Directors. 

38 Places Recognized with a Bicycle Friendly Community Award

As more Americans turn to biking during the pandemic, the League of American Bicyclists honors the communities across the country making biking better for everyone 

Today, the League of American Bicyclists is honoring 38 places with a Bicycle Friendly Community (BFC) award in its Spring 2020 round of awards. An additional eight first-time applicants earned Honorable Mentions. These 38 communities, seven of which are new to the program, join 482 total BFC awardees in the movement to build a Bicycle Friendly America for everyone. 

Taking immediate steps to be anti-racist in Bicycle Friendly America applications

Effective today, the "Enforcement" sections of the Bicycle Friendly America applications for Fall 2020 will be taken offline while the League evaluates and updates the application questions about how communities' and universities' "Enforcement" of road safety. We will collaborate with Bicycle Friendly Communities, Universities, and other partners, listen, and roll out changes to the applications to encourage more equitable policies that make streets safer for everyone.