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Updated data on physical activity in our data portal

The Covid-19 pandemic has shined a harsh light on the danger of underlying conditions that leave people vulnerable to diseases. Many of the underlying conditions associated with poor outcomes, up to and including death, from Covid-19 are chronic conditions that research shows can be addressed through physical activity.

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New League materials bring even more fun to youth biking education

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Bicycling should be fun, no matter what age you are. As we look for ways to foster fun while imparting biking skills among people of all ages, it is with great enthusiasm that the League is rolling out a new Youth Skills Instructor’s Manual and Youth Skills Kit to help League Cycling Instructors and their assistants teach youth and keep it FUN! 

LCI Spotlight: Lisa Evans and Sandy Charles

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The League certifies hundreds of League Cycling Instructors every year and there are thousands of LCIs around the country leading bike education efforts in their communities. In our LCI spotlight series, we are sharing the stories of League Cycling Instructors doing what they do every day: educating, mentoring, empowering. You don’t have to be an extraordinary athlete or overachieving student to be a stellar LCI, all you need is the conviction that life is better for everyone when more people ride bikes. 

Don't forget to vote!

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Tomorrow — Tuesday, November 3 — is the last day of voting in this year’s election, and we want to urge you one last time: make sure you get out and vote. Below, you'll find some resources to help find your polling place, see what is on your ballot, and learn what to do if you have any difficulties voting tomorrow.  

Planning a route... to vote!

We know, you’re hearing it from everyone. But it’s important, so we’re saying it, too: the election is one week away and your vote counts.

LCI Spotlight: Mitchell Williams

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The League certifies hundreds of League Cycling Instructors every year and there are thousands of LCIs around the country leading bike education efforts in their communities. We know so many of their stories, but we don’t know enough of them—and we certainly haven’t shared enough of their stories with the world. 

Welcome to the League's new Board members!

Earlier this year, the League put out a call for some of our most important volunteers: League members who are interested in serving on our board. Board candidates, whether elected by our membership or appointed by the Board, are dedicated to the League's mission of building a more Bicycle Friendly America for everyone. They contribute by generously donating their time, skills, and other resources to guiding the League and ralling the resources we need to realize a future filled with more bike joy. 

Lessons from the 2020 BUILD grant selections

The U.S. Department of Transportation released its list of 70 BUILD grant awardees last week, awarding $1 billion dollars to 70 projects in 44 states. Much of what media coverage these grants have garnered focuses on how they benefit states important in the November election.  

Here’s a different take. I’m looking at how bicycling and walking projects fared. 

Help us defeat the SELF DRIVE Act

In 2017, the SELF DRIVE Act sailed through the House, from the committee to a floor vote by voice, within one day--leaving advocates like the League with no opportunity to have our voices heard. We’re not alone: many groups interested in road safety want real regulation of automated vehicles, so that the technology that is developed responds to people who bike, walk, or use a wheelchair. The SELF DRIVE Act must be defeated unless it contains real safety regulation.

I Bike, I Vote 2020

As the election approaches, the League will be sharing a series of blog posts with important information about voting. Today, we’ll start today by making sure you are registered to vote, and know how to request a mail-in ballot (if you choose to vote by mail).

60% of Americans support increasing federal funding for biking and walking

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Sixty percent of Americans surveyed think the federal government should invest more of its transportation dollars into programs that benefit people who bike and walk. In a new League of American Bicyclist/Ipsos poll, Americans across the political, social, and racial spectrum report wanting better places to bike and walk, with 78% of people surveyed agreeing that their community would be a better place to live if bicycling were safer and more comfortable. 

New data portal, new bike commuting data

There is new yearly data on bike commuting and a new League data portal including multiple federal, state, and local agency sources to enable comparisons on a variety of data for biking and walking.

Bike There on September 22

There is power in bicycling, from inspiring change to instilling independence. A simple bike ride always improves our day. As bicycling advocates and educators, we know bike rides are a great way to improve lives and communities. And we know that strung together, all of our bike riding is leading towards vibrant, healthy communities and making a more sustainable future possible.