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GVF and the My School In Motion Program

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In August, Valley Forge Middle School was one of 37 businesses recognized in our latest round of Bicycle Friendly Business awards. One of the deciding factors in receiving their award was their participation in the My School In Motion program, which is developed and administered through Bicycle Friendly Business GVF. Read more from GVF about how their MSIM program is elevating bike encouragement at Valley Forge below.

Our Reconciliation checklist

Follow along with the League as we learn more about which of our asks were included in the forthcoming reconciliation bill by the various committees in the House and Senate.

The 9/11 National Memorial Trail Alliance

The September 11th National Memorial Trail Alliance is thrilled to share that on Thursday, July 29, 2021, the U.S. House of Representatives voted unanimously (423–0) to support and pass legislation H.R. 2278.

What Is Reconciliation, How It Works, and How Can It Promote Biking and Walking

In early August, the Senate passed the first part of its series of infrastructure investments, a Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill focused on physical infrastructure including a five year transportation reauthorization bill. Now, the Democratic majority is seeking to pass a second, human infrastructure bill via reconciliation. The second bill is focused on human infrastructure like child care and free community college, reducing climate emissions and building resiliency into our infrastructure.

Action Alert: Better Biking Through Reconciliation

Tell Congress to include provisions that promote environmental justice and safe bicycling in the reconciliation bill.

As Congress continues to formulate its reconciliation bill, which will include massive investments in infrastructure, the League of American Bicyclists is advocating for the inclusion of provisions that promote environmental justice and encourage bicycling. The reconciliation bill is a real opportunity to center climate equity and ensure bicycling is a safe, easy, and accessible option for all Americans, regardless of zip code. 

What's Happening With Infrastructure Investment?

While the IIJA contains numerous improvements that will increase safety, accessibility, and convenience for bicyclists and pedestrians, it is also missing key provisions supported by the League of American Bicyclists.

Warm Welcome to the League's New Board Members!

Earlier this summer, we asked our members to consider running to join our Board of Directors. The League's Board is made up of volunteers who willingly donate their time, skills, and other resources to guide the League and rallying the resources we need to realize a future filled with more bike joy.

This is it: take action on the BIB

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill (formerly known as the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework) is moving fast — and it continues to look pretty good for people who bike and walk.

As we’ve written before, it’s not perfect. And while it is a great step forward that will build safer, more accessible communities — and while we celebrate the wins for bicycling and walking — we can take action today to make the bill better. 

Summer of the Safe System

The League took part in a NTSB roundtable on reducing speeds and the Safe System Approach.

What’s up with the Infrastructure Package?

If you have been watching the news, you’ve heard a lot about the Bipartisan Infrastructure Package (BIF) and whether or not it will pass the Senate. Here's a breakdown of what will be needed to pass it into law.