Adventure Cycling

Geared Up: Aug./Sept. 2021

Gear reviews from the Aug./Sept. 2021 issue of Adventure Cyclist magazine. 

Water Please

On a journey from her front door in Lake Tahoe to the arid Baja Peninsula, the author pedals into a tight spot in the Mexican desert.

Book Report: Web Special

Because there’s no such thing as too much literature, especially of the cycling variety.

Geared Up: Late Summer Bonanza

The season’s not over yet! If you’re still on the lookout for the right gear, look no further.

Green Mountain Gliding

The Velomont Trail will allow riders to ride hut to hut and berm to berm, from Canada to Massachusetts.

Traversing the Steppe

An unforgettable ride with unforgettable hospitality in Mongolia

How to Pack an Adventure "Go-Bag"

An adventure “Go-Bag” can help you exit quickly in the face of an emergency; it can also help you exit quickly in the face of normalcy. 

Final Mile Anthology

Five writers look back on bicycle adventures that shaped their lives, from puppy love to dog days in the desert.

Heavy Metal Ghost Tour

A high-altitude tour of ghost towns and abandoned mines in Colorado.