Adventure Cycling

How to Fix a Broken Tent Pole

When Natalie found herself in the pouring rain with a snapped tent pole — not once but twice — her inner cavewoman took charge, breaking gear to fix gear.

A Wild Female Human Creature

When a career in the sex industry began to feel like a trap, Laura had one last hail Mary: cycle so far away from that life that she wouldn’t be able to find her way back. It’s the story of her greatest escape.

Road Test: Surly Disc Trucker

Our intrepid Road Tester got an early look at Surly's new green machine — the brand new Disc Trucker.

Brake Check

Do hybrid cable-actuated hydraulic disc brakes offer the best of both worlds or a cautionary tale about trying to have it all? A new offering from Yokozuna makes us wonder.

Revisiting the Pacific Coast Route

Revisiting a route already taken felt like a wasted opportunity, but instead unlocked a whole new experience.

The Cycle of Fear

A bear encounter in Montana brings a history of exclusion into focus.

Geared Up: Ready for Anything

It’s not entirely sure what we’re gearing up for right now — a long tour? Probably not. Everyday riding? Definitely. And fingers crossed for some things in between.

Gadgets for Getting Out

A bike ride may be a vehicle to leave tech behind, but a trio of devices we look at in depth could change the way you think about what gadgets are capable of.

Ep. 6 Bringing It Back Around

In the final episode of Dynamo Jenny the Podcast, we honor the women who create a more inclusive era of cycling.

Ep. 5 Hitting the Wall

Episode 5 of Dynamo Jenny the Podcast looks at the tough moments, including one that led to a bad idea but a great story.

Ep. 4 Feats of Strength

Stories in Episode 4 of Dynamo Jenny the Podcast defy cultural stereotypes of the adventurer.

Ep. 3 Trial by Fire

Stories in Episode 3 of Dynamo Jenny the Podcast take you into the thick of a first-time experience. 

Ep. 2 Getting There

Stories in Episode 2 of Dynamo Jenny the Podcast reveal the hidden pleasures and problems of exploring a new place by bicycle.

Ep. 1 Taking on the Town Square

Episode 1 is an audio exploration of how the advent of the bicycle did and did not change public life for women. 

Sudan, in the Company of Men

When the welcome committee is all men, all the time, cycling solo as a woman in conservative and friendly Sudan gets … complex. 

Home, a Must-watch Adventure Film

In 2011 British adventurer Sarah Outen set out to bike, row, and kayak 25,000 miles around the world. Her documentary Home tells the story of this adventure.

Mini-tour on Tucson's "The Loop"

A destined run-in with sisters at a coffee shop leads Annalisa on a four-day tour of cyclist-friendly Tucson.