Chessie Circle Trail - Pavement on the Way

Photo Credit: Nicholas Baumgartner

UPDATE-November 10, 2021: We have heard that the trail paving is completed from UT to Bowman Park. We have not confirmed if all of the curb-cuts were made before the weather turned cold, we'll update once we have a full ride on this beautiful new trail!

It's been a long time coming but the contractors are busy preparing the north section of the Chessie Circle Trail from UT to Bowman Park. This project is planned to complete by early Fall but as usual, very dependent on the weather. In any case, a very welcome addition to the Toledo trail system. To learn and follow future developments, check out TMACOG's Chessie Circle Trail webpage.

On the partial trail map below, you can see the section under construction in BLUE. The connection at UT was originally planned on the edge of Ottawa Park, the change in grade (and available funds) pushed the connection in alignment with University Hills Blvd (new sidepath to Douglas).