Kilburn Bike Lanes Phase 3 of 3

UPDATE: Phase 3 is 99% complete and provides bike lanes from Sylvania-Metamora Rd to Secor Metroparks!

Preliminary work on Phase 3 of the Kilburn Road Bike Lane project is scheduled to start August 8. This phase will provide bike lanes on Kilburn between Brint and Sylvania-Metamora, extending the lanes completed last year in Phase 2 from Sylvania to Brint. Kilburn will not be closed during construction but provide one-way traffic. This project will complete within the 2021 construction season. Thanks to Lucas County Engineer's Office, Richfield Township and the residents along Kilburn Road!

When completed, this will provide bike lanes from Sylvania-Metamora Road to Secor Metroparks! From Secor Metroparks you can take the Moseley Trail to Wiregrass Metropark and beyond!

Phase 1 from Central Avenue at Secor Metropark
Phase 2 from Sylvania to Brint