Commuting Resources for Employers

Bicycling is good for business and the bottom line.  We Are Traffic! has a series of programs and services to help your business be good for bicycling.

  • Bike commuters can reduce healthcare costs.  Employees who commute by bicycle are ill less often and make 14% fewer claims on their health insurance.
  • Bicycle amenities are inexpensive.  A 6-bike bike rack has a one-time cost of about $400.  A single parking spot for a car is many times more expensive considering lifecycle costs to build and maintain.  In some jurisdictions, bike parking can off-set the number of parking spots required based on your business size.
  • Bicyclists make great customers.  Individual savings among people who travel by bicycle translate to increased purchasing power.  

Supporting bicycle commuting is clearly a smart business strategy.

Host a Commuter Class

Bicycle education classes are an excellent way to build knowledge, skills and confidence among your employees.  We offer a variety of classes that can be customized to include both classroom and on-the-road training.  All classes are taught by certified instructors who are also seasoned bicycle commuters.

Employee Events

Do you have an upcoming employee transportation, wellness and/or safety fair?  Bike commuting is a natural fit for such events.  Our Bicycle Ambassadors attend such events free of charge.  Our Ambassadors are experienced bicyclists who can answer a broad range of general questions about bicycling.  Contact us for more information or to request a Bicycle Ambassador for your event.

Host a Brown Bag Seminar

This seminar walks you through the considerations and planning to bike for transportation. If your organization or company is interested in encouraging more bike commuting, our Brown Bag Commute by Bike can help you achieve that goal.  Designed to be presented over a lunch hour, we cover the basics of safe cycling, tips for making a bike commute fun and practical, route selection, and more.  Literature including a Bike Commuter Safe guide, pocket bike maps, and bike and motor vehicle safety tip sheets are distributed at the seminar.  Contact us for more information or to schedule a seminar at your workplace.

May is Bike Month

There are many activities that help promote bicycling, recruiting new bike commuters annually, increasing bicycling among current bike commuters and builds support for bicycling in our communities.  Check back for more information.