Guaranteed Ride Home

TARTA Guaranteed Ride HomeIntroducing TARTA Guaranteed Ride Home: a program created for alternative transportation mode users employed within the TARTA service area to take a timely, nonscheduled return taxi trip from their workplace in the event of a personal or family emergency, illness, or unexpected employment-related delay, such as unscheduled overtime.

TARTA Guaranteed Ride Home program participants can be reimbursed for up to 80% of their taxi fare. Eligible applicants include employees living and working within the TARTA service area who use alternative commuter modes such as public transportation and/or bicycling.

TARTA Guaranteed Ride Home is part a federally-funded program implemented throughout the nation and will reimburse members up to four times per calendar year or once every three consecutive months up to a maximum of $100 per year. The maximum reimbursement for a single taxi ride is $45. Only trips from work to home, a hospital/urgent care facility, daycare, school, or any TARTA Park-N-Ride location are covered.

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