August 2019

New Bike Lanes on West Sylvania Avenue

This "Bike Lane Ends" sign will need to be moved very soon! When the thermo-plastic striping sets on the new pavement along W. Sylvania Avenue, you will find new bike lanes that extend from King Road to the round-a-bout at Centennial Road. Originally, the westbound bike lane turned left on King Road and ends at the University Parks Trail. About two years ago, We Are Traffic worked with Lucas County Engineering on reviewing the striping plans for the project that extends from just west of McCord Road to Centennial Road. We noticed that the existing bike lanes would return but there were no plans to expand the lanes westward. We asked for the bike lanes to be extended to Centennial Road and after careful review, Lucas County Engineering agreed to include in the project.

The top course has been applied so we can look for the new bike lanes to be in place very soon! Thank you Lucas County Engineering and City of Sylvania!

U/P Trail Detour - Gas Line Repairs -COMPLETELY

UPDATE: Project is complete and trail is open 24/7.

During the inspection of the gas line that runs near the University Parks Trail (between McCord and King), they found more work than expected. As a result, we can expect the U/P trail to be closed from 7AM to 5PM, Monday-Friday as they make repairs. The duration is unknown (as of 8/8/19). If you encounter the closure, check out our map for alternate routes mostly on quiet neighborhood streets.