New *Future* Bike Lanes on the Way...Bancroft, King and Corey

Bancroft Road - King to Centennial
This past July (2021) we contacted the Lucas County Engineer's Office (LCEO) regarding a pavement resurfacing project on Bancroft between King Road and Centennial Road. Most of Bancroft west of McCord Road has adequate shoulders to accommodate marked bike lanes. We Are Traffic requested a review of this project to determine if there was sufficient width and LCEO agreed to change the marking pattern to provide for legal width bike lanes. As you enjoy the new pavement, you may notice that it does not include bike lane markings or signage. The original scope of the project did not include bike lanes but now that we have them marked correctly, we will seek funding to apply at a future date.

King Road - U/P Trail (Kings Pointe Road) to Central Avenue
This section is scheduled for resurfacing within the 2021 paving season. Last year we contacted LCEO and requested a review of the roadway cross-section to see if the existing bike lanes north of the U/P trail could be extended to Central Avenue. While not as wide, there is sufficient width to apply bike lanes as part of the resurfacing with markings and signage to be provded at a later date.

Corey Road - Central Avenue to Overpass (Chatham Valley)
This is a resurfacing project coordinated between Sylvania Township, Lucas County and City of Toledo for 2021 construction. We Are Traffic requested a review of this project for possible bike lanes and with the help of LCOE, all jurisdictions agreed to add marking for bike lanes. As with the other two projects, we will need to seek funding to add bike lane signage and lane markings. While the bridge over 475 creates a bottleneck, we'll have bike lanes on the south side to Central Avenue.